Sunday, February 24, 2013

North Korea - Last Frontier with No Ads Bombardment

North Korea is mysterious due to its isolationist policy. It is also perhaps the last unopened frontier market in Asia - military junta Myanmar has opened up. Like Myanmar, North Korea is rich in ore/metal deposits. Both countries have lots of upside if positive reforms are implemented unlike Sillypore which has hit the peak & going down.

Hamhung - 2nd largest city in N Korea. Seems like a cyclist paradise

The following 15mins each videos(NK) are the best i've watched. Switch to 720 & full screen:

- North Korea 2012 Part 1  0.5M views already
- North Korea 2012 Part 2

The country, sometimes known as the hermit kingdom is perhaps the last country on Earth to:
  • No advertisements bombarding you.
  • No traffic lights (in video as the bus drove through 2nd largest city)
  • You hardly see people playing with their dumb/smart phones while walking
  • Fit country - you see people either walk or cycle.
  • Cars? What cars when even motorcycle is almost non-existent.
  • Balcony is open. Seems like no crime.

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