Sunday, June 2, 2013

History of Optimus Prime & Megatron

I grew up watching the Transformers cartoons although i don't fully understand english. The history of the leaders of Autobots & Decepticons were never given a background though Optimus Prime has been shown to be a lowly robot who became the leader of the Autobots after getting a makeover.

Michael Bay's Transformers movies around 2 decades later mentioned nothing about the background of the leaders. Though i don't like how the robots are portrayed in Bay's movies, he does deserve credit for reviving Transformers.

Success of Bay's Transformers movies led to animated series Transformers Prime which did an excellent job on Optimus Prime & Megatron before civil war on Cybertron broke out.

Optimus Prime & Megatron Orgins (4mins):

What is also happening in Sillypore: which are ingredients for an unstable society in Sillypore:
  • Corruption in high places
  • Inequality among the masses (income inequalities highest if not 2nd highest among developed economies)

Why you must watch Transformers Prime:
  • I like Megatron with his forearm cannon as depicted in cartoons.
  • Depicts characters like Starscream, Megatron well. Their pesonalities shine like in the cartoons!
  • Marriage of american 'guns' & japanese 'swords' from their cartoons.

Unfortunately youtube has deleted Season 1 episodes. You can still watch Season 2 & 3. Search via episode titles on youtube. You can find the list of Transformers Prime Episodes on wikipedia.

These are broadcasted during Sillypore & Japan's Golden Age in 80s:

- Transformers Combiners
- Transformers Headmasters, Masterforce & Victory Series Openings & Credits

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