Sunday, July 28, 2013

Singaporeans Among World's Top 10 Pessimists, Overbuying To Misery

Excellent use of infested shopping mall picture by Yahoo News in its article - Sillyporeans among world’s top 10 pessimists.

Sillyporeans need to ask themselves if buy buy buy, consume consume consume is gonna elevate their well-being. Certainly more material possessions make one happier but after basic needs are met, simply chasing more, more & more have resulted in negligible marginal utility. In fact Sillyporeans end up among top 10 pessimists.

Warning signs are already there: some Sillyporeans buy & buy till they are buried by their possessions & have to rent extra storage space, becoming slaves to their mountain of stuff. Are slaves optimistic?

"Work more, hurry more, worry more, bond less with others, grow more lonely & buy your escape from loneliness with more work & more 'growth'. This treadmill is getter grimmer."-John de Graaf

Gallup's survey result is nothing shocking. I have warned about the toxic effects accumulating under the hybrid regime's grow GDP at all costs like cancer approach.

Cancer spreading & spreading. Nevermind cancerous growth, can grow can already:

1 of the central themes of this blog is hyperconsumption in Sillypore. Shopping malls growing like weeds in this tiny island.  More & more malls = Less & less well-being. What i observed is that the script by the hybrid regime is to overwork the masses to turn them unhappy. Once unhappy the masses will turn to retail therapy to buy (yes, the damn GDP again) a bit of temporary happiness- vicious cycle.

Shifting Focus from Have to Be
"We've had enough of work more, enjoy less, pollute more, eat toxics, get cancer & increase GDP. How about we work less, enjoy more, have more friends & time for them, consume less, pollute less, destroy less, owe less, live better, longer & more meaningfully?"-John de Graaf

Sillyporeans need to vote to break the domination of this hybrid regime with its stuck mindset of growing GDP at all costs like cancer. Independent polls by Gallup indicate the situation is deteriorating in Sillypore over the years. We need to shift focus from Have to Be. Having more possessions is not making the masses happier. We need more time (not overwork) to:

  • Be a father/mother (not more time at work to up GDP)
  • Be a friend-physical face time (not more time at work to up GDP)
  • Be a citizen & not a consumer.... u guess it again... GDP

"Living more healthfully, simplifying our lifestyles so as to work less, pollute less, use fewer resources & have more time for each other & our communities. You could call it capitalism with a human face."-John de Graaf

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  1. Very good. I agree with you. But as a commercial REIT investor, I wouldn't want the incumbent gov to be displaced. Best is to invest here, but live outside sg.