Thursday, July 18, 2013

Coming Collapse of Property Market in Singapore

No surprise to me when Moody downgraded S'pore's 3 main banks to negative from stable amid the property bubble & mounting household debt.

Although the monetary authority rebutted the downgrade, peasants of this island ought to be even more afraid given the recent haze situation whereby the authorities downplay the seriousness drastically & censoring/regulating the internet.

"Our particular brand of economy is based on ever increasing amounts of everything flowing through it. More $$, more debt, more gasoline, more cars, more minerals, more profits, more buildings, more clothes, more, more, more of everything."-Chris Martenson

Without energy, Nothing Moves
We live on a finite planet but our economic model requires limitless exponential growth. Current model of fossil powered energy are dwindling:
  • petroleum are burnt to generate energy --> Is gone
  • coal burnt to generate energy --> Is gone
  • uranium reacted to generate energy --> Is gone
  • natural gas burnt to generate energy --> Is gone
Even making solar panels & wind turbines to harness limitless energy require energy to be expended in petroleum to extract/refine/transport ores & we haven't touch on manufacturing yet.

Technology cannot reverse the process. Technology cannot create more uranium, coal, natural gas. Technology helps us in utilising it more efficiently & cleanly.

Grabbing dwindling resources

The hybrid regime has been growing the economy at all costs like cancer since the early 2000s. Does growth equal prosperity for the masses? Peasants have more material posessions than ever though much of it are bought on credit. However simply having more stuff doesn't make sinkies happy as surveys have shown.

Massive import of aliens squeezing into this tiny island in order to prop up the property market by the hybrid regime only buy itself some time because the 'coming wave' is too big.

Unsustainable debt levels + Dwindling reources = Property market collapse & economic havoc

Personally i look forward to the collapse of this cancerous growth model of economy. No doubt life will be hard as people have to adjust but life is already made harder by the cancerous economic growth.

Peasants ought to ask themselves:
  • Does growth equal prosperity?
  • What's the Economy For, Anyway?: Why It's Time to Stop Chasing Growth & Start Pursuing Happiness

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