Monday, July 22, 2013

Unaffordable Rates for Singapore's Running Event

Most sinkie boys dislike running. Me included that's why my exercises are cycling & badminton. Why? When running = physical fitness test in national service, it becomes a negative association being hammered over & over again since many sinkie boys fail their fitness test & subjected to military style remedial training.

Failures are in greater numbers in reservist units. In my reserve unit(company size) alone, the number of people who pass with $100 & above can be counted with one's fingers & toes. I pass with $100 & i train for it(dreadful experience) on the jogging path behind my place as failing it means even more pain for me with the remedial sessions & time wasted going there along with the congestion.

Even at affordable price of $12.84, i doubt many would sign up to run 21km. Embarassingly for me, i even have problem running 5km. I'm not alone... look at the number of failures in 2.4km run for the fitness test.

What i want to highlight here is the prices for public. At close to $70, the 21km is not considered an affordable price especially for the blue collar workers. Even the white collar which the hybrid regime views as blue collar also since easily replaceable with cheaper foreign workers are sweating over the $70 participation fee.

$70 = 1 working month of lunches (22 working days * $3 hawker meal)
$47 = 15 days of lunches at $3/hawker meal

$70 = Go Legoland in Johor($56), Malaysia (u can run in Sillypore but only 1 Legoland in Asia)
$47 = how unique is 10km run to pay this amount?

Remember that the Singapore Flywheel which touts unique experience on the giant observation wheel at $33 adult ticket went bankrupt. Even tourists find it a ripoff.


  1. Brother, run alone elsewhere better lah. No need to smell ppl arm pit and its more relaxing. A run is a run. No need banners and finishing line one. I used to run a regularly at just about anywhere. Pavements, pcns, parks. No problem. Invest that 10 runs a year = 71 x 10 wisely and you might get money back as dividends every year to buy running shoes once 2-3 years. Lagi better lah

    1. Ya i run alone. But is only to train for 2.4km test. Usually i start training like 1.5-2months before the test. After passing it, no more running till next fitness test cycle to start running again at the park connector behind where i stay.