Saturday, October 5, 2013

1st World South Korea Vs Rotting Singapore

Lots of video watching for this blogpost to appreciate the widening gap between progressing South Korea vs rotting S'pore.

To start off, let's listen to what South Korea's first female president told the US congress. Listen from 3:18-4:29 what she told the US congress:
Credit goes to korean people who built the country up.

Not like S'pore's old man who keep spouting credit for building SG up & publishing book after book after book. The more he publish the more SG slides down to 3rd world.

Singapore & South Korea are among the 4 asian tiger economies, the other 2 being Hong Kong & Taiwan. South Korea started worse off than Singapore due to the korean war. Today South Korea is in the lead as some even dubbed it as the 'Germany of Asia' with its manufacturing prowess.

South Korea is the only country in Asia to export supersonic aircraft. Japan though technologically advanced, is constraint by its pacifist constitution (WWII aggressor). Singapore has evaluated South Korea's supersonic jet trainer with competitors from Italy & Britain but didn't choose it. The Italians won the jet trainer tender. Nevertheless south korea's jet trainer has been bought by neighboring Indonesia.

South Korea's supersonic jet trainer is featured prominently in their country's 'Top Gun' movie last year. I've earlier blogged about it - R2B: Return to Base Theme Song; S Korea's 'Top Gun' Movie.

All the below videos open in new window. Switch to full screen, max sound & HD to truly appreciate.

South Korea Black Eagles Aerobatic Team Manuevers - 20mins
This is the jet trainer South Korea tried selling to S'pore.

My admiration for South Korea's progress has risen even more since watching the movie. How come? You need to watch their military parade which was held 4 days ago.

Airborne Segment - 12mins
I've never seen such awe inspiring display before. Got a pretty female paratrooper at 11:32 & 2-3 more to left of her.

Armor Segment - 9mins
Look at the giant street screen-got sign language. Notice UN armored vehicles among those in front of the column. Both are signs of 1st world mentality.

Taekwondo Segment - 8mins
Exciting part is in 2nd half where you'll witness the domino/wave of taekwondo effects.

Airpower Segment - 6mins
Sure a heck lot of helos & aircraft mustered for the display.

I've never been to kimchi land. The only exposure i've got is watching korean movies (no dramas) & the above clips. Nevertheless, peasants like me are startled to the widening gap. The quality of south korean movies put S'pore's state controlled media to utter shame. There's no love for S'pore nor any pride for this tiny island with the rot happening in the past couple of years. How many people still fly the S'pore flag to celebrate national day?

Strange thing is i feel the pride of the south korean people.

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