Monday, October 28, 2013

Heart Ware Not Needed, Cog Labor Will Do

People are our most important asset are an overused cliche especially among big corpserations. Instead of treating people as a resource that is hard to duplicate among its competitors, many big corpserations regard them as cogs. Mindless cogs are easy to copy/duplicate but a group of inspired/motivated humans created corporate culture is hard to duplicate.

Sillypore's government-linked companies which make up to 60% of the economy are a good example. As i blogged about cog labor punished for taking initiative on the 22nd, it was highlighted by The Real Singapore a day later on 23rd how come the bus drivers don't give a damn?

Where got heart ware? Cogs have no heart. Humanity is not rewarded.

Why give a damn if you're considered cog labor & punished if taking initiative? Other reasons further compounding the already downward spiraling situation are:

  • Top management dole out cool sounding titles like bus captains instead of paying decent wages - cheapskate.
  • Bus drivers may not be highly schooled but they're no fools as they know they are lowly paid (blogpost- Malaysia Bus Drivers Decent Wages. Sinkie Drivers 3rd World Wages). Even cheap labor drivers from China know they are unfairly treated else some would not have striked late last year.
  • Pretty much deadend job as Sillypore government-linked companies emphasize paper qualifications for promotion.
  • Management aka scholars knows best attitude. Hence feedback are often treated as 'noises'/complaints.
  • Keep low profile & 'bochup' since feedback treated as 'noises' may get one 'marked' for early termination.

These type of rot is not just confined to the public transport companies. Government-linked companies make up 60% of the economy so these undesirable corporate practices/mindset are experienced by many peasants (including myself) working or having worked before in GLCs. While they can largely monopolize the local captive market, they often get trounced competing in overseas markets with their 'buggy' software.

It partly also helps to explain why the military generals & paper scholars infest the government-linked corpserations. They lack the heart ware to survive in the private sector as their policies would lead to a mass exodus of customers.. The omission of heart ware explains why the standard of living on this tiny island is deteriorating year after year.


  1. Hi Frugal Introvert,

    It is so true what you wrote about the side effect of corporations treating employees as cogs. Here in B.C., I have seen bus drivers (no need for big titles of "captain" here) taking initiative to change routes and call HQ to inform others of challenges/changes in traffic/passengers conditions. E.g. when they get caught in a sudden street demonstration or when the road is suddenly closed due to traffic accident. The bus drivers call HQ so that appropriate remedy actions can be taken. E.g. divert the other buses to another route, put notices for passengers waiting at bus-stops, send in more buses to cover the surge in passenger volume. Of course there will be some delay for those immediately caught in the situation, but at least the situation is alleviated for subsequent travellers.

    So sorry that bus captains (i.e. drivers) in Singapore are not treated with the same respect by their corporations despite their grand-sounding job title.

    Cheers, WD.

    1. Hi WD,
      Thanks for your info on the bus drivers initiative situation in British Columbia, Canada.

      At times when i cycle & approach a bus that has stop at a bus-stop for quite some time, i'll slow down & wave the driver to go ahead instead of waiting for me to pass. Let them make the schedule.

      If i see many passengers queing to board, i'll may ride faster to overtake the bus lest the driver wait for me.