Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Karma Strike an Elite's Son - Foreign Workers Stealing Business

Karma strike an elite's son.

From supporter & blind ignoramus of the foreign labor policy:
"...I was always a huge supported of foreign (white collar) labor here in Singapore. While I know these people are surely not indicative of a huge population of expatriates, it does make me rethink whether or not these new arrivals are really grateful for the opportunities they are being given here or are they all just so self-centered that they don’t care about things like professionalism, integrity or even right & wrong."
until he got badly bitten himself.
I have been completely disgusted by the unprofessional & possibly criminal actions by 3 former employees (coincidentally, all foreigners).
  • under our employment, allegedly worked to divert business away from us & to their new agency.   
  • Allegedly, they lied to my business partners, misrepresented our agency & even lied to clients. 
  • Allegedly, they were, while still drawing salaries from us, selling their own services & poaching Ate’s clients.

Although it is not mentioned whether the 3 employees are workers from China, i've blogged about the dangers with regards to cheaper foreign labor with their unsavory habits/work culture compared to the largely docile sinkie workforce.

  • May 2012: I wrote about economist Graeme Maxton's warning about perils of Cheap Chinese Workers? Got Hidden High Price.
  • Nov 2012: Strike action in S'pore by some bus drivers hired from China.
  • Oct 2013: Retribution strikes the son of an elite's business employing foreign workers.
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TRE published an article Tommy Koh’s son: FT employees poached my clients which i'm duplicating below as the article might be lost if TRE shuts down later. It is important as fellow sinkies are advised to print out the article on TRE to use as cover page for their resumes.

Don't bother sending online resumes or job applications. It is practically a futile approach as computerised sorting using keywords:

  • Sinkie male with National Service obligations -- delete into recycle bin.
  • Sinkie female just married or with newborn baby - delete into recycle bin.
  • Sinkie with ill elderly parents to look after - delete into recycle bin.

The hiring person might go through the motions of calling a few sinkies for interview for 'consideration'. But so long as you are sinkie, we are disadvantaged not just with the above factors competing with cheaper foreign labor with no family, little friends & able to slog long hours.

The situation has deteriorated to the extent that the Ministry of Manpower has called for Fair Consideration Framework (FCF). Some netizens dubbed FCF as Foreigners Come First as it is just a cosmetic approach which doesn't solve the underlying issue.

Fair Consideration Framework - onus is on sinkies to print the article to use as cover page for resume. If the hirer wants to go ahead knowing the dangers of cheaper foreign labor, then so be it. Interview process is a 2 way street. Workers are screening their employers as well. Remind the employer if is it fair to him

  • if foreign cheaper labor steal his business?
  • if foreign cheaper labor falsify accounts?
  • if he/she wants to suffer same fate as Tommy Koh's son?
  • other savory habits pointed out by economist Graeme Maxton

Sinkies need to rise to the top of the pile. Not sink into the pile.


  1. Deserve it for being a huge supporter of foreign white collar workers. What Ate has loss is only some customers and business impact, there are many people who actually loss their jobs to this foreigners. Those who have lost their jobs have a very difficult time trying to get hired again.

    1. Thanks for your comment. As more & more sinkies lose their jobs & forced into lower paid jobs, their mortgage payments are a growing problem. A subprime crisis is in the making.

      A collapse in real estate prices would be good since very high housing mortgage is a major contributor that make sinkie workers uncompetitive compared to foreigners squeeze to live, accept a lower salary make enough S$ & bye bye.