Friday, November 8, 2013

There's No Free Market to a Large Extent in Singapore

So ultra-capitalistic that this tiny island has turned into by the hybrid regime yet there is no free market to a large extent? Yes, there is no free market to a large extent. Many prices are politically determined.

There are choices available for example in choosing a telco for our cellphone plan & internet plan. However the freedom to choose is an illusion as all the 3 telcos are controlled by the hybrid regime.

Hybrid regime dictates:

- Salaries of Peasants
Open floodgates wide & flood in hordes of cheaper foreigners to suppress the locals salaries & replace them. Plenty of natives should have realized by now that their salaries are politically determined.

- Cost of housing
Manipulate public housing costs till absurd levels to bleed the peasants retirement savings dry. Private housing prices soar upwards as a consequence as well as rental for housing & business space.

- Driving Costs & Public Transportation Fares
Manipulate no. of permits required to buy vehicles. Public transportation companies are govt-linked which the hybrid regime will dictate fare prices.

- Food Costs
Never build hawker centres for 26 years to force peasants into paying more for food in high rental coffeeshops.

- Healthcare Costs
Don't build hospitals as the hybrid regime floods in foreigners. Supply stagnant while demand explodes.

- Communication Costs
The 3 telcos are govt-linked companies. Their prices are pretty much similar for their offerings.

By controlling those key prices affecting the lives of peasants & the costs of doing business, the hybrid regime (PAP = Pay & Pay) basically dictates the high costs of living by ensuring the peasants are bled dry through Pay And Pay policies & its associated companies.

There's no escape from politically determined prices for the above essentials for the peasants who live & do business in the tiny island. For major shipping companies like Maersk & Evergreen which are the 1st & 2nd largest shipping companies in the world, there's freedom of choice for them. Both ditched S'pore & moved over to the johorean port(Malaysia) of Tanjung Pelepas.


  1. Was at a Chinese medical shop yesterday and the owner was telling an auntie the gov controls everything. Taxi companies is another example where fares are escalating driven up by COEs. He commented everyone is working for the gov and money are being sucked back into the gov pockets.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Another industry is security. Aetos Security has its HQ at West Coast which i ride past at times. Now Aetos provide manpower to police & customs & charge profits accordingly. Taxpayers $$$ for understaffed police get funnel into Aetos which is Temasick owned.

      A monopoly business in security for major national facilities.