Monday, November 4, 2013

Why Different Wages for Same Job in Rich & Poor Countries

According to economist Chang Ha Joon, 80%-90% of the workers in rich countries can be & would be replaced by workers from poor countries if there is free migration. Increasing number of peasants in this tiny island have realized this brutal truth although some of the cheaper foreign workers able to slog long hours are less productive than the locals.

The citizens of the United Kingdom suffer as well though Sillypore is much worse due to overly liberal immigration policies. What UK, SG have shown is that the living standards of the citizenry in rich countries depend on the draconian control over their labor markets - immigration control. Hence foreigners working easily in SG is guaranteed ticket to poorhouse for masses of natives (blogpost).

Taking the example of bus drivers, there is no reason why bus drivers hired from China are paid lower than their colleagues from Malaysia which is 1 of the grouses that led to the strike last year by some of them. The bus drivers from China lose out in terms of ability to converse in english but their driving skills are certainly better than malaysian & sinkie bus drivers.

Driving skills is the main factor which those drivers from China have already hone on difficult roads back home. What they need is acclimatise to driving on the left on SG roads.

Drving in SG roads is much easier compared to experience gained by those drivers in China.


Supporters of the hybrid regime with its overly liberal immigration policies are obssessed with maximising profits & cutting costs. Short-term thinking. They seldom consider about the social costs.

lobo_arisen has given a good reply to that ignorant hybrid regime supporter. Even Warren Buffett acknowledges that he is rich because of the system of institutions that America has provided him. Warren Buffett would be condemned if he lives in country with:

  • lousy infrastructure
  • inferior technologies
  • poorly organized firms
  • badly run institutions

Bus Drivers Salaries around the world comparison (open in new window) show that drivers in rich countries are paid a few times more than China bus drivers. After watching the bus video above, you'll agree that drivers in poor countries are poorly paid & yet drive in difficult conditions while those in rich countries are decently paid (except SG) in easy road conditions.

Workers in poor countries can defintely compete with their counterparts in rich countries be it bus drivers, secretary etc.

How come they are poorly paid? They are poorly paid because the rich in those poor countries can't compete with the rich in rich countries. The rich in poor countries can't 'pull' up the rest of society unlike their counterparts in rich countries.

Bus drivers in rich countries are overpaid compared to those in poor countries. They are overpaid because the rich in rich countries are a lot more productive in pulling the masses up. There's not to say the rich in rich countries can pat themselves. As lobo_arisen & Warren Buffett have pointed out that it is the collective actions taken over generations to build up good infrastructure, institutions etc that have created a better economic environment.

Lastly, going back to over liberal immigration, it shows the obscenely overpaid hybrid regime is not able to compete with other governments in developed economies. While foreign workers can complement the local workforce, it is not to the extent of replacing the locals to push the locals down to the poorhouse.

"If native Singaporeans are falling behind because the spurs are not stuck into the hide, that is their problem." - Old man with regard to hardworking immigrants hence the liberal influx

Problem is not with us. It is with the elites.

  • Dismantle worker unions already still can't compete.
  • Have the peasants work the longest hours in the developed world.
  • Later open floodgates wide to cheaper foreign labor to compete.
  • Open 2 casinos.

Right now, the current elites in SG are like the rich in poor countries can't 'pull' the rest of society up.
- What Google's Homepage Can Teach S'pore's Overpaid Ministers

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