Monday, December 29, 2014

Following Orders Blindly – A Reason Why Productivity Is Fucked in SG

The hybrid regime's education system is designed to churn out meek workers who shut up & following instructions blindly. It works great during the early years of independence. I have blogged about it in Singaporeans' No U-Turn Syndrome & Being Screwed by It.

Recently the issue of productivity surfaced again in the local papers. Socio-political sites have reported the issue of declining productivity with the huge influx of cheaper foreign workers. Many of these foreign workers will follow instructions blindly even more obediently as they are earning the mighty S$.

Sim Wong Hoo has written 5 examples of No U-Turn Syndrome in his book 'Chaotic Thoughts from the Old Millennium' which i've recommended that you borrow his book to read. His experiences can vomit blood at the sheer meekness & stupidity of Sillyporeans following orders blindly.

I will share my example here. Can vomit blood with those nincompoops around. After reading my example you'll understand why our country is fucked with those 'Yes-men' ministers infesting the government.

I can be incisive when dealing with those nincompoops who can't see the big picture. Is a reason why those higher ups find me hard to manage. I am direct & to the point(don't waste time).

Those who can get through my bitter medicine advice will find me an asset.

In 2009, I lambasted on why be so stupid to comply with the Community Centre's bureaucracy in registering in order to play boardgames. 

Being on the 5th page of the discussion thread & 3 days into it, it shows nobody dare to question the stupid rule. Even those who do kept quiet about it. Is it any wonder why our productivity is still fucked in 2014 as that writer Benedict Ng wrote?

SOG = SG Open Gaming. No registration needed. Can walk in to play.

There are those who can't stand me admonishing frankly. They prefer sweet talk. The original heated exchange is at

Their stomach is churning(can't stand bitter medicine) as i am challenging the status quo way of doing things.

I didn't bother to reply to their comments. It is already heated & i realized it is hard to make them see the big picture. Sim Wong Hoo wrote 5 examples in his book to hammer the point for a reason instead of 1 example.

The organiser TY can see sense in my advice with regards to the photos. With regards to my kiddy girl remark about her, she has since changed her photo when this screenshot is taken.

But alas she still carry on following the CC's bureaucratic ways(registration) till last year 2013. People already indicated Yes attending in meetup but she still want people to register as per CC's rule.

She only woke up after 47 monthly sessions.
Is so pathetic that Sillyporeans don't question nor have the guts to voice out when details like NRIC etc are needed just to go there to play boardgames. Bunch of sheep......

A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.

No wonder the hybrid regime loves to fuck Sillyporeans through relentless price hikes.

If you are a boss, do you want these kind of dumb sheep with these type of productivity mindset?

People are advancing doing other things while Sillyporeans are stuck in registration process.

  • Can you imagine how much time is wasted by those people for the registration process?
  • What productivity is that?
That's almost 4 years status-quo of "Just Follow Instructions". The following are screenshots from her Games Sunday 47! (Play and Protest Special!).

How did she wake up?

It takes a 'disaster' to strike to wake her up as the community centre is asking her to move to a smaller room.

After being meek for close to 4 years, she protested 

4 fucking years passed & she used photo evidence of the crowded room which i proposed back in 2009 to prove she deserve the bigger room more.

Why the Enlightened Will Try to Avoid the Dumb
I have never attended her boardgaming sessions. I have a heated exchange with her & the rest of those who read my incisive remarks ain't going to be friendly to me since they can recognize me from my picture.

Another reason is why mix with those people who can't see the bigger picture? Those attending her sessions are very likely to be those who just follow the CC's instructions blindly in registering to play boardgames.

Likewise, the infestation of Yes-men in the govt repels other enlightened men from associating with them. When the hybrid regime is voted out or severe losses, other enlightened men will come forward to serve. I am just a small fry & there are others more enlightened than me who are 'hiding' & have no wish to associate with the men-in-white.

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