Saturday, December 27, 2014

Singapore Tourism Board Still Stuck in Industrial Age Advertising

"We have more degrees, but less sense." - from Paradox of Our Time

Sillypore govt likes to emphasize paper qualifications. Look at the utter stupidity of those degree holders who are flushing taxpayers $$$ down the toilet.

They are stuck in WWII carpet bombing mindset by buying ads in traditional media like newspapers & magazines to bombard the readers in an attempt to convert them to tourists visiting Sillypore. I'll write about the much more effective method of doing it later on.

The commentator has pointed out about the folly of building artificial gardens & shopping malls to impress tourists. I've expressed the same sentiments of local uniqueness in blogposts:

- American Vice President Visit Hawker Centre - Tourist Attraction
Who gives a shit about Starbucks when there are thousands around the world?

- 'Potemkin Village' in S'pore
Fake setup makes a mockery but at least it shows the heartland attraction to the british royal couple.

In Era of Globalization, It's Even More Important on Local Uniqueness For Tourism
The governor of Penang, Lim Guan Eng said his move to ban foreigners as cooks was an effort to ensure the unique local taste & flavour of Penang's hawker fare is retained so as to attract tourists. This is common sense which he has which our grossly overpaid scholar ministers don't have.

Do tourists give a shit about globalized spam like Starbucks & shopping malls filled with those spam shops like McDonalds, Uniqlo etc?

By emphasizing hawkers in Penang, its governor continues to ensure affordable food for the locals(continued votes) while generating tourism revenues. It is a high return on minimal investment. A win-win. There is no need to spam shopping malls requiring hundreds of million dollars to build like in Sillypore.

These young 'opium' addicts are not reading newspapers & magazines.
Is even worse for adults on trains, buses & eateries.

So, why the hell still waste taxpayers $$$ by advertising in a british newspaper?

From Carpet Bombing to Precision Bombing
During the Gulf War & the War Against Terrorism in Afghanistan, warplanes do precision bombing using guided munitions. Times have change from the carpet bombing method of WWII.

Amazon increases its sales by inviting trusted reviewers to write reviews on new products to help customers make informed decisions. It is known as the AMZN Vine Program. AMZN send the new products to these trusted reviewers so $$$ is spent on people who are really using the product. This is a method of precision bombing. Does AMZN need to waste $$$ to buy advertisements to promote those products?

Lest you worry that those reviewers write glossy reviews of those products should the product be mediocre, we don't have to worry as the free market mechanism of reputation is in play. Different people have different experiences but too many phony reviews & that reviewer's reputation is hurt.

Precision Bombing Has a Better Bang for the Buck
Instead of flushing $$$ down the toilet by buying ads in those traditional media, the tourism board has a better bang for the buck perhaps by offering irresistible discounts or freebies to foreigners to try out Sillypore.

Target those trusted reviewers on travel websites & offer them like free Sillypore Airline economy tickets to Sillypore & a 6 day stay at a hotel. This way the taxpayers $$$ circulates in SG instead of going to the guardian newspaper.

Then those reviewers are to write reviews of their trip to SG. Most likely they have social media amplifying their trip to their hundreds of friends. Those friends are more likely to trust those reviewers than a faceless ad on a newspaper(bang for the buck).

Even if those friends don't come to SG, memories might linger on after seeing the pictures of their friends on social media(bang for the buck). Who can remember an ad from the guardian newspaper years ago? Who knows when a couple of years later those friends decide to stopover SG for a visit?

An Example from My Blog to Discourage Participating in Local Cycling Events
In middle of this year, i urged readers not to bother spending $$$ on Sillypore's commercial cycling events - Malaysia's Johor State Helping to Bring Down SG's Hybrid Regime

What's being said on social media/blog
Cycling Event 2015 ad on local newspaper

Which is the reader going to trust more?

Not only are the ads on guardian newspaper considered wasteful spending. The salaries for those degree holders at the tourism board are also wasteful. The hybrid regime needs to be severely punished at the polls to get rid of the emphasis on paper qualifications. Their mindset is stuck in the industrial age which is detrimental to SG's future.

The industrial age method of carpet bombing ads on newspapers & tv still has its uses but the effectiveness now has greatly diminished in terms of bang for the buck.


  1. "The governor of Penang, Lim Guan Eng ...."

    Lim Guan Eng is the Chief Minister, not Governor, who is elected to office in Penang.

    Anyway, I think for Sinkieland, advertisements, or even use of local cooks like in Penang, may not help tourism lah.

    Where got roadside stalls like in Penang, or how many locals are employed in the F & B business, u tell me lah? More like a cesspool of warm body economic digits than multiracial culture to talk about.

    1. Yes, Lim Guan Eng is the chief minister. I refer him as governor as it's easier than chief minister since ordinary people may not know what exactly is chief minister.

      We may not have roadside stalls like in Penang but since Joe Biden made a surprise visit to a hawker centre it still shows the pulling power.