Monday, December 1, 2014

Selfie-Obsessed Member of Parliament Is Someone With Low Self Esteem

I'm astonished that the 'auntie killer' member of parliament is Selfie King. Perhaps i shouldn't be astonished as his auntie killer looks are used by the hybrid regime to pull in votes from the aunties hence he must keep on selfie himself.

He just announced today that he is warded for dengue fever. Perhaps heaven got eyes in dishing out reward for his selfies which i consider is a waste of taxpayers $$$ & low value work.

During my time in national service, there's a poster on the door of the duty room:

Selfie King: Focus their thinking on photographing me, me, me. (this line added by me)
Unsuccessful people: Focus their thinking entirely on survival.
Average people: Focus their thinking almost entirely on "maintainance".(ie. keeping what they have)
Successful people: Focus their thinking entirely on progress.

I consider the lowly educated bus drivers hired from China who led/join the strike in 2012 to be successful people although they ended up being fired by the company. Their striking action for progress led to better salaries for all bus drivers hired by the govt-linked companies.

Urban dictionary definition

Compare with Introvert Comic Artist, Leslie Chew
Since selfie king admitted himself that he is introvert, let's compare with another introvert, Leslie Chew whom i've recommended people to look at his comics 3 years ago when he just started - Turning Intense Dislike into Creativity through Comics:

Selfie King: Photographing himself - me, me, me.
Local Satire Comic Artist: Focusing on using comics to awaken sleeping masses for SG to progress.

I consider that he has no other better skills to increase votes & thus rely heavily on selfies to window dress himself. Is like a package that is nicely wrapped outside to attract buyers but poor content inside.

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