Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cost Breakdown of Desaru Cycling Trip

Spending on experiences is better than shopping at infested shopping malls over the weekend. Meal is excellent value for $ compared to high percentage of bill paying for rental component back in S'pore.

There's no lunch on 1st day as we must reach Deseru before dark. Organiser seems like a frugal guy too as we stop at Bandar Penawar near Desaru to pack dinner on way to Desaru.
  • Peanut pancake - 2RM
  • Nasi Lemak - 3RM
  • Ferry Back - 35RM
  • Dinner- 23RM (vegies, tonic chicken, crispy tau pok, steamed fish, coconut)
  • Ferry To - $11
  • Chao Kway Teow - $2.50
  • Bike Rental - $22
  • Hotel - $38 (twin sharing but can sleep 3)

Inclusive of buses & mrt is around $110. Without bike rental at Changi village, cost would be around $90. Rental bike is better than my old clunker. I also had doubts about cycling to Changi since i just finished in-camp training the day before. If one is even more daring can cycle up eariler via causeway though is longer to avoid boat fares(uncertain wait too) to & from Pengilih ferry terminal.

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