Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trying to Look Good

Saw the below 2 headlines in the main daily which rank low in press freedom.
Over 700 reclaim $750,000
MORE than 700 local workers recovered some $750,000 from their employers through the Labour Court in the first half of the year
On surface it look good, however is just around $1000/worker. Going through the court to recover this amount is a rough indication how much $1000 means to the worker who is most likely a lower income worker. Is just the tip of the iceberg since there's lots more with no balls or given up in their claims.
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A SLEW of gifts worth more than $2 million are up for grabs from now till Nov 27.
Not long ago, business model of New York Times print version is in question for the future. With internet, people are less & less inclined & juicy news spread like wildfire fast online.

With government linked companies squeezing as much $ from populace, how can suddenly be so generous? Truth is less & less people are subscribing whether is print or online version of the govt propaganda.

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