Monday, September 13, 2010

Introvert-Unlikely Labor Leader?

World we live in today places more emphasis on extroverted traits especially in the workplace. Why put on a mask & try to be more extroverted when being yourself is effective as well? What is the driving factor for overcoming fear that 1 can be fired for leading the strike? It boils down to what's the worst case scenario that could happen & is it acceptable?

The duo are fired & from that experience i believe both are stronger with their courageous act & can survive without a big 'parent' like a corporation to look after them.

  • Change can come from unlikely places/persons.
  • Extroverts with their talkative mouth can be more fearful than you think at times.
  • Leadership is always in short supply.

Touching off a wave of strikes at Honda plants & other workplaces.

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