Friday, September 3, 2010

Deriving Weak Self-worth from Externalities

During ippt test at incamp training last week, a guy in my test group wore a JP Morgan singlet. 2 others commented on JP Morgan. He got that singlet while working there & partipating in a company outdoor event. Seem to have a nice feeling being associated with JP Morgan & others commentating on it.

Reminds me of Lehman Bros. Before financial crisis, people got a sense of prestige associated with it. Then bankruptcy & is like plague.

A simple t-shirt with Nike logo is marked up so much & i'm amazed at the suckers paying for it. Seems to me these people derive their self-worth from being identified with an external entity(eg namecard) like a corporation or logo.

Weak minded individuals get sucked in this keep up with the joneses madness aka consumerism.

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