Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museums

2 chinese related museums near the customs & immigration complex. In my opinion if you have time for 1 it is better to visit the JB Chinese Heritage Museum(pic above) facing the sea located near ocbc bank. It has 4 stories of exhibits & the top floor is dedicated to Sun Yat Sen when i last visited.

Other museum is Kwong Siew Museum(pic below) located beside Esso petrol station with the police station behind. Exhibits are located on 2nd floor. Many of the exhibits there are not protected by glass enclosures due to lack of funds in running the museum. How to protect theft & vandalism of old antiques? There is a man who will go up to the 2nd floor exhibits with you to make sure the items are ok. Thus you get the feeling of a person within sights watching you instead of cameras at the chinese heritage museum.

Admission fee is RM5 for both. 9am-5pm. Both are closed on Mon.

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