Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Overpriced OCBC Cycle Rides

Read that ocbc cycle 2012 got new category call super challenge 61km @$140. I consider it frickin expensive. The 2 msian rides by cycling freaks i joined this year so far is only a fraction of the costs & i get to enjoy msian scenery with little/no traffic lights. The ocbc ride organiser point out the riders can enjoy the S'pore skyline. That's a bunch of crap as it can be easily done by riding in the late night or wee hours at night or early morning during the weekends.

S'pore is crowded enough so why should i pay an absurb price to ride & squeeze with countless others?

Kids ride 5km @$42. Tricycle 100m ride for kids learning to cycle @$26- frickin absurb. Fools with $ to flush down the toilet would take part in these rides.

Although the ride is an event to promote cycling, the prices are considered excessive. It'll mostly draw those who like the crowd atmosphere as well as those joining the criterium to compete with others. Other than that is better to give the ride a miss & put the money to better uses.

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