Monday, November 7, 2011

79km Western S'pore Ride

What interest me is the Tuas south portion which i never went to. Encounter headwinds at Jln Ahmad Ibrahim & southwards direction journey into Tuas. Barb wire ring the perimeter of deserted Tuas south. I have always wanted to take a look at Tuas south area but is pretty boring riding alone. Going in too big a group is not to my taste either. This ride's group size of 7 is comfortable for me as well as the organiser.

Following photos are taken by the organiser Chua Tien Seng:

Barb wire perimeter. Notice the many ships off the coast.

Barb wire as deterence against illegal immigrants approaching by sea vessels.

End of Tuas South Ave 7 where barb wire fences are seen in background. It might be extended should land reclaimation goes on.

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