Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Greed Leading to Collapse - Sampoong Store & S'pore

As i watch the documentary on Sampoong Department Store collapse in South Korea in 1995, it reminds me of overdose of greed of S'pore's Pro Alien Party.

Adding beyond the safety limit
  • Store owner added 5th floor to boost profits. The hell with load safety limits.
  • Pro Alien Party approve policy to flood in at least 30% more people to shit in this already overcongested tiny island to boost profits.

Warning to Others
  • Some tenants of the mall saw the cracks but didn't persist in highlighting the danger.
  • In S'pore, an increasing bunch of netizens are highlighting the cracks but the top people are 'deaf'

Only the 2 widths are left standing.

"Disasters don't just happen. They are triggered by a chain of critical events."

There are many warning signs of an imminent collapse if no major repairs are done. Likewise there are many cracks appearing in Pro Alien Party controlled S'pore. In both cases, the top management knew about the cracks popping up here & there but being consumed with greed did nothing or at best just minor patching.

Watch Sampoong Dept. Store Collapse on Youtube (45mins). Skip the commercials.

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