Friday, February 22, 2013

More Toilet Users Equal -2.6% Productivity Growwth in 2012

On wednesday i wrote that productivity growth is difficult in services heavy economy. Today it was reported that:

GDP growth(2012): 1.3%
Productivity growth: -2.6%

State controlled media reported that declines in productivity due to slower economic growth over the past 2 years. However there is massive flooding in of cheap labor to shit & buy toilet paper to grow(more consumer spending) GDP at all costs like cancer.

Mountain of shit = 1.3% gdp
Mountain of shit = -2.6% productivity

This euro country doesn't import massive cheap workers to buy toilet paper, use cellphone (singtel), public transport (sbs,smrt), groceries (ntuc) for its govt-linked companies:

2:20min. Look at their high productivity.

They dare not report that sinkies are killing themselves slowly through long long work hours. Further flooding the tiny island to 6.9M is gonna bring more misery. Sinkies competing on long hours to avoid get their asses fired so as not to be replaced by cheaper foreign workers(little to no family/friends) are committing suicide on multiple fronts: Health, family life, social life.

"Achievements" of long work hours (previous blogposts):

Look at Germany (manufacturing powerhouse) with least no. of hours worked. Got time for leisure, hobby, family, friends, exploration etc which makes for happier people. Is no coincidence that sorely lacking these & long work hours that sinkies are #1 unhappiest people in the world.


  1. Hi Xianlong,

    Just recently, even a "foreign talent" whom I met by chance on a plane asked me how to get a job in Canada -- i.e. even rats would desert a sinking ship.

    She told me that she got her Singapore job quite quickly through job agents, and asked if she could take a similar approach to get a Canadian job. I told her honestly that it is quite difficult for foreigners to get jobs in Canada; and that the Singapore foreign labour policy is "very very very liberal" compared to Canada's. Anyway, I pointed her to the CIC (Canadian Immigration and Citizenship website) so that she could get her own first-hand information and warned her that in Canada, it is illegal for job agents to collect fees from the job applicants for job matching. [I didn't mention the following because I didn't want to rub it in, but the Canadian system is totally different from the common practice of paying bribes and/or agent fees to get jobs in her country of origin.]

    I responded to her simply because she was pretty encouraging and nice to me on our short flight sitting next to each other. But honestly, I doubt she can get into Canada, given what I remember of her skills/training. IMHO, she is just another of those "cheaper" but not necessarily "faster" nor "better" foreign workers mislabelled as "foreign talents" by the PAP government.

    Cheers, WD.

    1. Hi WD,
      Thanks for your comments. Yes, 'cheap' is the mantra chanted & 'talent' is overly abused. There has been countless grouses on retail staff/service staff(prc) unable to speak simple english. Short term boost in profits from cheap labor but destroying 'repurchases' further down the road.