Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nurses Classified as Low Skill & Destroying Medical Hub Status

When my mum was rushed to hospital at night in Dec. due to pancreatitis, so many of the nurses in A&E & the ward are foreign nurses. Only local nurses i come across are 2 malay nurses at the ward. I do have the fear of whether these foreign nurses are adequately trained.

Elite mindset manifesting itself in 7M population white paper:
"Certain low-skilled jobs like personal services, retail, and nursing are hard to offshore. They will still be needed even as the economy upgrades."

To the elites in Pro Alien Party, there are 2 classes of people in Sillypore: Elites themselves & cog labor working peons.

Cog Labor Working Peons
There is no such thing as white collar. White collar is also working class since unknown certificates from Myanmar, Philiippines etc can replace a sinkie with NTU & NUS certs. High return on investment for Myanmese with unknown qualification earning S$ while unfortunate fresh grad sinkie is displaced & ladden with S$ debts & reservist.

'A+ Distinction Score' for Cog Labor Policy
1(Inderjit Singh) of the elites who still got conscience said in parliament:

"Young citizens he spoke to felt ‘demoralised’ at depressed wage levels across many income levels due to cheap foreign talent, even at the professional level."

"30% of all boys of permanent residents do national service." In other words, 70% has fucked off sillypore.

Destruction of Medical Hub Status
None of the lackeys in the bloated ruling bureaucracy surrounding the elites point out 'nurses are low-skill'. By failing to do so & publishing it, they are telling the rich from Indonesia & nearby countries that S'pore hire low skilled nurses.

Prior to this, there has been cases of foreign Drs molest patients, foreign Drs with questionable qualifications surfacing. Reputable medical hub status is being ripped apart by the Pro Alien Party's greed(hire cheap so more profits).

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