Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Google's Homepage Can Teach S'pore's Overpaid Ministers

Look at the homepage. It is:
  • no advertisements
  • very plain
  • no scrolling
  • wants you to leave as soon as possible.

For Google: How come no scrolling to enlarge space to sell advertisements on the plain page?

Easy way out is of course to sell advertisement space on its home page. Have it scroll to maximise ads to collect more $$$. More is not necessarily better. I find that this self-imposed limitation forces Google to excel in other aspects of their business.
For Sillypore's Pro Alien Party filled with overpaid scholars, the best these highly educated folks can do is:
  • chop down more trees for urban structures to put advertisements.
  • clear more empty grassfields to build carparks so gantry bar can paste advertisements.
  • 'scroll' HDB flats to 40 storeys.
  • 'scroll' carparks to 4-5 storeys high.
  • decorate Sillypore with 2 casinos which brought a hosts of social problems.
  • decorate Sillypore with world's largest flywheel which recently went bankrupt.

Their philosophy of more & more man-made structures & consumers are making lives difficult for the masses on a tiny island.

Google has prove that it need not sell out its prime space on its homepage to remain the premier search engine. Google operates at a higher level & thus no need for cancerous growth. This lesson is lost on the current Pro Alien Party which is selling out prime space in its mad quest for cancerous GDP growth.

Shocking Truth
The overpaid ministers scholars are unable to operate at a 'higher' level. So instead of blaming us lesser mortal peasants as not hardworking enough, not striving enough etc. It is those overpaid minister scholars who are unable to play at a higher level to lift the masses up.


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  1. The PM is the biggest idiot who cannot see through the problem. He and his ugly wife is sitting at the top getting high pay for doing very little or nothing at all. His old man dad now already too old and not contributing yet want to receive an MP's pay. They should all die a terrible death and be tortured in hell.

    1. I wish the old man to pass away soon. Old man's presence has kept the discenting voices in his own party at bay so far. The more books/memoirs he writes the more the country declines.