Sunday, June 9, 2013

Attended Protest Cum Barrage & Gardens East Ride

For foreign visitors stumbling onto this blog, Sillypore's hybrid regime enacted regulations in its desperate hold on power. Though is targeted at Yahoo! News Sillypore, the criteria put forth are vague & broad.

I didn't waste my time watching State Propaganda on tv. From attending the protest yesterday afternoon i learnt from the speaker/s that:
  1. Minister in charge of communications & announcing the new rule didn't show up on tv.
  2. CEO of Media Development Authority also didn't show up. (later i read from netizens she got exposed about $10M condo sale).
  3. End up we have a manpower minister on tv to explain stuff to the peasants.
Tv Poll Results before Manpower Minister defend the hybrid regime's policy:

TV Poll Results after Manpower Minister defending the hybrid regime's policy:

49mins tv show can been watched on youtube. However i don't recommend you waste your time watching.

I left the protest venue at around 6:15pm as i want to see things in daylight while riding.
Observations made while riding past:
  • Restaurant at Marina Barrage closed shop
  • Restaurant at Bay Gardens poor business
  • Bars/Eateries outside west of casino poor business

32.5km leisure ride with a stop at Hong Lim Park Protest venue(click for bigger view).

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