Sunday, June 30, 2013

Singaporeans Reign as Mindless Slaves of Smartphones in S.E Asia

If S. Korea with highest smartphone penetration rate in the world refer its sheer no. of smartphone addicts as Mindless Slaves, it stand to reason that Sillyporeans are the Mindless Slaves of South East Asia given its penetration rate & addiction.
I have already written about the dangers of mobile gadgets addiction:

In this month, the state propaganda press has published letters about the increasing addiction. The latest is on thursday by a female driver:
Many pedestrians are not paying attention to oncoming traffic when crossing the road. Often, their eyes are glued to their mobile gadgets.

My Warning Blogpost in June, 2012 Came True Last Week:
71% of French population felt people spent less time together due to the advent of new technologies in 2012, up from 54% in 2006.

I refer to those addicted to their mobile gadgets as 'opium' addicts. In S Korea, their govt is organising boot camps to wean students off technology in a bid to prevent them from becoming mindless slaves.

Key Points of South Korea battles smartphone addiction:

Are you addicted?
  • Anxious & depressed when separated from a smartphone?
  • Repeated failure to cut back on usage time
  • Feeling happier using smartphones than being with family or friends

Critical Situation in S. Korea. Sillypore won't be far behind. How serious?
  • 40% of S Korean teen students spent more than 3 hours a day tweeting, chatting, or playing games.
  • Many young mothers nowadays have their babies play with smartphones for hours to have some peace at home.
  • ~20% of teenagers were "addicted" to smartphones.

"While you become mindless slaves of smartphones & apps, the American elite behind these devices aren't giving them to their own kids. Excessive smartphone usage would sap the very creativity that lay behind the technological advances that the smartphone represented. If you use smartphones like the iPhone too much without using your own brain, you will eventually lose the ability & brain power to create something as great & innovative as the iPhone."-Kim Ham Hee

Remember that creativity is something that can't be automated(at least not yet) or outsourced easily or replaced by mass imports of cheaper foreign workers aka Sillypore Govt style. It is a key component to a more 'iron' rice bowl.

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