Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cycle Fest becomes Cycle Fail - My Warning Came True

I made a ruckus last year in "World Class Marketing" for Guniness Cycling Convoy Record regarding the 'iceberg' that the Cycle Fest 2013 event would hit.

It was such a massive failure that the state controlled news tabloid termed it World record-setting event flops from the get-go on March 6th this year.

  • Not enough participants turned up
  • Poorly organised
  • Emcee of the event said he has not been paid
  • Organiser owes several thousand dollars for the printing of event jerseys
  • Record not set

Look at the above screenshot from the 1.5mins video. Truly pathetic turnout. When the company hires a bunch of Yesmen or Yeswomen, it get what it deserves - nobody dare to voice out dangers. Just follow instructions blindly. Shut up & do your work quietly. Throw in extra overtime work if necessary, sacrifice family time, sacrifice friends/social time. End up all aboard the ship perish.

Superiors at work find it hard to manage me cause i question things that i sense is dangerous.. It is hard to shut me up cause i will blog here on warnings about the dangers.on issues that catch my attention.

Many bosses & managers in Sillypore find 'warning indicators' workers hard to manage. I suppose they like flying a plane with no warning indicators.

Remember what the head of the union (govt minister) said about Cheaper, Faster, Better.

  • Is cheaper to build a plane with no warning indicators installed.
  • Is faster to build a plane with no warning indicators installed
  • Is better to build a plane with no warning indicators installed.

1.5mins video of Cycle Fest become Cycle Fail.

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- Cycle Fest become Cycle Fail (here)
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