Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gosh, I Got Registered Letter

Note : Added cellphone addiction to warnings in earlier blogpost. Forgotten about it.

Stingy Over a Postage Stamp
Usual mail consists of bills. I was shocked to receive registered mail for reservist. 1st notification letter for reservist in March 2014 came in april this year. I bochup (didn't bother) to mail back acknowledgement slip as there is no postage supplied. Look how stingy the hybrid regime is in treating the native sons of Sillypore over 1 stamp while doling out free scholarships for foreigners.

It also shows how foolish the bureaucracy is. Saving on a stamp & end up paying so much higher on registered mail.

Anyway since the reservist is like 1 year away, the usual practice is the manpower officer will 'arrow' the clerks to call the men just days before to remind the men to report back for training. Hence another reason i bochup & didn't mail back the acknowledgement slip.

There's Little Sense to National Service
I wrote in May about Throwing Cash Vouchers at Demoralised Reservists Is Not Working. Earlier this month the Defence Ministry is still exploring possibility of making retirement fund contributions (instead of companies) when workers are called up for National Service.

Note the bold words i highlighted in red. The hybrid regime is beyond redemption. Just vote them out in 2016 elections. Is a joke the native citizens are discriminated at work/3rd class citizens in one's own country while foreigners with no reservist obligations are preferred in the workplace - no disruption to work.

Excessive Military Spending with Demoralised Force in Overrun Island
Such news of demoralised troops are open knowledge to other countries. Other countries also know this tiny island state is presently overrun with foreigners.

NS = National Service
ICT = In-Camp Training

I didn't ask my platoon mates if they also bochup in mailing back acknowledgement slip due to no postage stamp & thus received registered mail. I suspect many also bochup as well.

SAF = S'pore Armed Forces
SAF = Serve And Fuck off

Native sons don't call SAF by the lower term for nothing.

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