Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ditched Fast Food. 6.5 years & counting

Fast food restaurant workers are on strike in USA over their measly pay & finding it hard to even support 1 kid. If their pay in USA is considered measly, then it is even more pathetic in Sillypore's fast food restaurants. It was reported by the govt's Employment & Employability Institute that a full time crew at MCD(S'pore) has a gross salary of $1,100

Miserable wages contribute to increasing profits for the corporation.

My reasons for boycotting fast food restaurants:

  • Expensive unhealthy food.
  • Spam, spam, spam like weeds chain store outlets
  • Why support fast food restaurants exploiting workers through pathetic wages?
  • Why get served by 'zombie' workers? (hire & fire + low wage)
  • Zombie workers have no pride in their work/preparing food compared to self-employed hawkers.

If the reasons i cited above are not sufficient for you to vote with your wallet against those fast food outlets, consider watching this 5mins video.

What kind of french fries are you putting into your stomach? The other MCD burgers decompose at a slower rate which means preservatives in them to last longer(look more beautiful) which means more profits for the company. On the beautiful part, i got reminded during a cycle trip to Kluang, Johor in Malaysia in 2011. At the lunch stop at Ayer Hitam, a man involved in the vegetable wholesale business shared a table with us. He said that Sillyporeans like buying beautiful vegies. Why? Cause lots of pesticides are sprayed - i almost spat out the porridge in my mouth. I like his candor though.

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