Thursday, September 12, 2013

Glacier the Size of Lower Manhattan Calves Off

In the aftermath of the biggest flood so far this year which i blog about earlier, a concerned citizen wrote to the state controlled press that S'poreans must take climate change seriously. What follows are a flurry of comments from naysayers who don't believe in climate change - blame is solely on the hybrid regime for overbuilding on this tiny island leaving inadequate greenery to absorb the rainfall.

As much as i loathe the hybrid regime & i blog about its failings & inadequacies, i believe global warming is a contributory factor.

Even the 'old man' of the hybrid regime has chapter 9) Energy & climate change - preparing for the worst in his latest book. I won't buy his book (every book published = more declines & rot in SG) but i certainly would like to read his thoughts. Unfortunately, the libraries now has 238 reserves pending as i write this.

Current economic system dependent on fossil energy emitting greenhouse gases is hitting environmental limits as this footage of a glacier in Greenland, the size of lower Manhattan collapse & break away.

5 mins. Max your sound volume to feel the effects of the ice collapsing & breaking away.

If all icesheet in Greenland melt away, the resulting sea level rise would doom Sillypore given how low the east coast is which the sea will flood in most easily.

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