Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Illegal Hawkers - Peasants are Tenacious & Entrepreneurial

In Malaysia & many other countries, if no rule = can do
In Sillypore, if no rule = cannot do

That's why sillyporeans are often disadvantaged in overseas ventures as the folks in other countries don't wait for official blessing in order to do a thing. By the time approval comes = opportunity is gone.

As the old man published a humongous 9 volume book series, it is as usual more declines & rot in this tiny island nation for each publication.

“If native Singaporeans are falling behind because the 'spurs are not stuck into the hide', that is their problem” -Old man

Myth dispelled that peasants are not hungry compared to cheaper foreigners.. Peasants are more than up to the task compared to immigrants. Look at how tenacious & entrepreneurial:

[ 2013 Jan- May ]
3300 tickets issued to 528 offenders.

Continue to operate business even after receiving 6.25 tickets on average!

Being an illegal hawker is better than resorting to crime like shoplifting or a loan shark runner.

[ 2012 ]
~9800 tickets to more than 1000 offenders.

Continue to operate business even after receiving 9.8 tickets on average!

The heck with paying killer rent to the hybrid regime.

As the number of peasants displaced from their jobs from the mass influx of cheaper foreign workers resort to being illegal hawkers to make a living, the state controlled newspaper reported that crime rate is at 29 year low.

Common sense would tell us that is utter bullshit. Crime rate cannot be low when peasants are struggling.

Crime rate cannot be low also with mass influx of foreigners.


  1. Watch this video, on ex-PM interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUBKs1DCqaE

    1. Thanks. I've watched it before on youtube & it was deleted from youtube later.

      I recommend readers reading your comment to watch it too.

  2. Thank you for this article. Those so called "illegal" hawkers really got nowhere to go! High rent everywhere, tell us how to eke out a decent living? Sigh. honestly..this country is racing to the bottom. Cheaper better faster.