Thursday, September 5, 2013

Biggest Flood So Far in 2013 & Environmental Limits

This morning's heavy downpour resulted in the biggest flood on this tiny island so far this year.

Nothing clears away the dreaded morning rush hour traffic than a torrent of floodwaters.

Look at the outside of a lecture theatre of science faulty at National University of S'pore - a baby swimming pool.

Just last month - Dozens Die in North Asia Heat Wave as Power Supply Strained

  • Shanghai hit a record 40.8℃, hottest in 140 years.
  • 41℃ at Shimanto in Japan

Current economic model relying on fossil fuels spewing out greenhouse gases is unsustainable. There are environmental limits which GDP can grow under the fossil fuel model.

The heat wave in north asia last month already stretched electricity supplies to breaking point with people turning on power guzzling air-conditioners. Even with electric vehicles in future, much of the vehicles will be grounded after their batteries run dry during the increasing heat wave period. Even on normal days, imagine the number of power plants required to generate the electricity needed for those electric vehicles.

  • Coal fired power plant --> greenhouse gases +++
  • Oil fired power planet --> greenhouse gases ++
  • Natural gas fired power plant --> greenhouse gases
  • Nuclear power plant --> take at least 5 years to build due to complexity & regulations
  • Hydro power plant --> less water due to melting glaciers to power such future generators. Many major rivers have already have dams.
  • Wind & Solar --> green but unreliable. Low in energy density thus requiring lots of them.

Automobiles aside, the airplanes spewing greenhouse gases won't be running on electricity powered batteries anytime soon. Current battery technology still have a long way to go considering the short battery life in sustaining smartphones & notebook computers, let alone 2 jet engines & a host of other electronics & inflight entertainment.

Meanwhile with climate change & Sillypore's hybrid regime pursuing a grow GDP at all costs like cancer approach, We can expect more of this:

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  1. Thanks for sharing the images. I am shocked by the level of floodwaters -- not seen since 1980's.

  2. The same think is happening here in New York City Metro - Hurricane Sandy in 2012 flooded lower Manhattan and destroyed coastal cities.