Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Peasants Avoiding Killer Rent Premises

Same thoughts echoed by another published by the state propaganda holdings. I also

  1. Avoid shopping at malls as much as possible
  2. Avoid eating at malls
  3. Shop online (items in need)
  4. Avoid infested malls as much as possible
  5. Cut hair in JB, Malaysia
  6. Buy badminton shoes in JB, Malaysia
  7. Buy badminton racquet in JB, Malaysia
  8. Restring badminton racquet in JB, Malaysia (borrow from another player in meantime)

The below malls opened less than 3 years ago & till now i have not spent a single ¢ in those killer rent premises.

  • Clementi Mall
  • JCube
  • JEM
  • Star Vista

The hybrid regime(biggest landlord) is sucking the life out of the masses by:

  1. Jacking up land price & thus rental to insane levels.
  2. In the process, killing off legitimate businesses & flooding in hordes of foreign cheap labour to keep surviving ones alive. That's how we have 2 casinos instead of 1. 
  3. Foreign cheap labor to prevent collapse of businesses depresses salaries of peasants for those lucky not to be laid off.
  4. Expect local & foreign peons to slave long hours just to pay the killer rent.

I'm glad that more peasants are waking up & boycotting those killer rent landlord leeches.

The country's economic competitiveness despite rated as 2nd most competitive in the world is shamefully held up by hordes of cheaper foreign labor & slaving long hours by the peons to prevent collapse.

Next time when in those killer rent malls, ask yourself: 'How many hours do i have to slave my ass off at work to pay for that killer rent?'

Think of the time not being with your family, friends, hobbies, leisure etc while you are slaving your ass off & you'll think 2x, 3x, 4x about spending your $$ & sending it to those landlord leeches.

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