Thursday, January 16, 2014

After Labor Issues Explosion, Hybrid Regime Release 2nd Employment Rights Video

As usual, it is until the situation has rotted until the stench from the decomposing corpse is unable to hide that the hybrid regime will release propaganda video or finally acknowledge it. I've already blogged about pawnshops growing like weeds back in 2011 & a blogpost update this month about how the govt controlled paper finally acknowledge the pawnshop & credit business problem.

It is laughable that the hybrid regime now is hitting back over a New York Times editorial on 'Singapore's angry migrant workers'. Why laughable for trying to shut overseas media up?

Let's refresh ourselves with the timeline of events:

  • 2012 Oct: Manpower Ministry release educational video about worker's employment rights(to watch 1st video, refer to my blogpost 'Foreign Workers Protest -2nd in 2 weeks'
  • 2012 Nov: PRC bus drivers strike.
  • 2013 Dec: Riot by foreign workers in Little India.
  • 2013 Dec: Taiwanese talk show discuss about riot & overreliance & exploitation of lowly paid foreign workers
  • 2013 Dec: Singapore's Angry Migrant Workers by New York Times
  • 2014 Jan: Manpower Ministry release 2nd educational video about worker's employment rights.

If the stench from the rotting situation is not bad enough, the hybrid regime would not be broadcasting commerical clips on tv educating workers about employment rights. This goes to show there is widespread worker exploitation in Sillypore.

Such commercial clips on national tv only advertise to tourists, malaysians with SG's tv coverage & the outside world about the exploitation problem. Then it is followed by the bus drivers strike in 2012 & riot in 2013. Yet the hybrid regime got the cheek to hit back over the NYT editorial.

And now the 2nd educational video(1min) released on 14th Jan 2014:

  • At least 1 rest day/week.
  • Sick leave, annual leave, public holidays with pay.
  • Timely retirement contributions from employer.
  • 1.5x pay for excess hours if work more than 44hrs/week
  • No working more than 12hrs/daily including overtime.

One can only guess how rampant the violations are.

The video by the hybrid regime also reaches out to sinkies as well other than foreign workers. Increasingly numbers of sinkies are killing themselves by subjecting themselves to exploitation so as not to get their asses fired competing with cheaper foreign workers.

Depression rates are surely on the rise with more sinkies suffering in silence than to lose their jobs. More mental problems among the populace is good news otherwise the pain suffered by them & their family & friends is not sufficient to motivate them to vote the hybrid regime out in the next election.

Excellent analysis in taiwanese talk show discussing about little india riot by foreign workers & the 'bomb' waiting to explode in SG on the foreign labour issue.

In mandarin. Open in new window.

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- Today Affairs 13th Dec 2013 Part 2
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