Monday, January 13, 2014

3 Major Rots in Singapore in 1st Week of 2014

First full week of 2014 which is last week has just passed. What a way to enter into 2014 with more screwups by the obscenely overpaid hybrid regime & acknowledgements of rot taking place which they are unable to hide.

Good news flowing out last week to wake up the daft 60% who voted for more decay in 2011 election:

  • Hospital Beds Not Enough for Peasants Reported in Shit Times
  • Kidnapping of mother of Sheng Siong Supermarket's boss
  • Major breakdown in North-South railway line

Hospital Beds Not Enough for Peasants Reported in Shit Times
Nothing new here. News of insufficient beds have been surfacing for quite some time in social political sites & forums. I have a personal taste of it as well when my mum was hospitalized due to pancreatitis in Dec 2012.

Cancerous GDP growth has grown worse. Got space for shopping malls & condos but no space for the sick. End up in tents. This is truly sickening.:

Again, i'm stressing that it is a deliberate attempt by the hybrid regime to screw the masses with insufficient medical facilities. There is no water or electricity shortage despite the population explosion yet shortage of hospital beds?

Kidnapping of mother of Sheng Siong Supermarket's boss
The boss is a grassroot leader of the current ruling political party. Though i loathe the party, the supermarket boss is someone i respect.

Why worthy of respect?

  • He & his siblings built up their supermarket business catering to the peasants unlike the fake worker union supermarket chain.
  • Listed his cellphone number at every outlet for public to give feedback. I'm sure he got a lot of spams especially from insurance/property sellers. How many of those scholars CEOs which the hybrid regime parachuted into govt-linked companies list their contact no. for public feedback?
  • Still lives in peasant dwelling (hdb flat) despite being top 50 richest man in this country.
  • Treats employees well. It was reported that meals are provided for employees. Not sure if it still goes on today.

The boss cited that his frequent appearance on his supermarket tv variety show to present prizes may have contributed to the kidnapping for ransom. I think the kidnapping which is so rare in Sillypore has shown that the social fabric gap between the well-off & poor has reached a new high.

Sillypore society has become unstable. Though the kidnappers are dumb in their attempt, there are no shortage of smarter ones  retaliating against those exploitative bosses. In those up-market restaurants serving the wealthy, those poorly paid cooks, waiters/waitresses etc can deliver "extra personal ingredients" into the food & drinks.

Or those treated-like-dirt mechanics servicing the cars of exploitative/look down upon them elites by rubbing a coating of saliva on the steering wheel and/or seat cover. Extra service for snobbish attitude.

Major breakdown in North-South railway line
Peasants have already lost count of the number of breakdowns taking place in recent years. The most iconic picture is this walking the line towards Kranji station which the govt-controlled paper used in their attempt to entice people into buying their propaganda filled paper.

Speaking of Kranji station, i've taken the below picture there last year. Even the rail companies themselves anticipate breakdowns thus alerting students of alternate exam venues. There is no such bullshit during my schooling days. To think the infrastructure has deteriorated to such a pathetic state...

Such notices are put up on every train station with their nearest exam venues..

State capitalism at its best through cancerous growth approach being advertised to the world.

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  1. Thank you for your updates from the ground. I've only left Singapore for 3+ years but it seems like so many things broken down since.