Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flag Color Pattern on Black Knights To Fool Sinkies Into Feeling Proud

The Singapore Airshow is gonna be held next month. Ever since the massive flooding of humans into this tiny island making it crowded, i've stopped going to it. I was aghast upon knowing that the paint scheme of the national aerobatic team has changed.

Previously it was like this - just white & red. I like this simpler color pattern.

Now they repaint it to resemble the national flag.

What a lame move to think sinkies would feel proud of this tiny island with change of paint scheme of the national aerobatic team. After their Half Ass Approach in Salvaging Plunging Morale Among Sinkie Males through shopping vouchers last year, now they are playing with colors. You don't see aerobatic teams of other nations donning their state flag pattern for their citizens to feel proud:

  • USAF Thunderbirds
  • USN Blue Angels
  • Red Arrows (UK)
  • Black Eagles (South Korea)
  • Roulettes (Australia)
  • Frecce Tricolori (Italy)

Only exception i'm aware of is Patrouille de France which dons France's flag colors (simple flag with no symbol). I have no idea why our national aerobatic team are called Black Knights. There's no black color paint on the jets. South Korea called their team the Black Eagles & it is apparent why:

South Korea's Black Eagles. Do they paint like their flag pattern so koreans feel proud?
Ditto for Blue Angels(USA) & Red Arrows(UK).

Even with the plain white & red color paint pattern retained, i doubt many sinkies would feel proud anyway. Sinkies already know that this hybrid regime is greedy for $$$ with the latest example being public transport fare hikes despite more & more breakdowns(latest being yesterday a major one) & subsidies to these state majority owned companies.

What's there to feel proud of when the hybrid regime being greedy for $$$$ has led to facilities intended for citizen soldiers being opened for foreigners? Selling out citizen interest for more $$$- hence the often referred-to name of the hybrid regime - Pro Alien Party

I don't use SAFRA facilities. Nevertheless the selling out irks me.

Disadvantaging citizen soldiers with the flooding of cheaper foreigners into the job market-wage suppresion & losing jobs. Now a couple of buckets of paint to fool gullible sinkies into feeling proud? Other countries don't disadvantage their citizen soldiers, hence there's no need to resort to national flag color pattern to fool their citizens.

The huge military budget is unnecessary with the low morale issue plaguing the citizen armed forces. The threat is internal as evidenced by the foreign worker strikes & riot over the past 2 years. The obscene military budget is used by the hybrid regime to channel taxpayers $$$ into its coffers since the local defense companies are state majority owned. Moreover a few industries such as IT, healthcare have been taken over by foreigners, they can easily wreck havoc. Internal systems have already been compromised.

Look at South Korea's Black Eagles aerobatic display & military parade. You'll likely feel the pride of a korean & shame of being a sinkie.

1st World South Korea Vs Rotting Singapore

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