Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Protests On Income Disparity Alarmed World Leaders

The World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland ended on Saturday. Look at the report below that the organization published indicating the pressing issues. Topics slated for discussion in 2014 are issues that have already hit this tiny island nation.

#1 - Severe Income disparity
For Sillypore it is severe instead of its omission. We currently have the 2nd if not the worst income inequalities among developed economies & is getting worse under the current regime. Instability & rising crime are brewing up.

#2 - Extreme weather events
Extreme weather is a symptom of rising greenhouse gas emissions which is the cause. Nature Society of Singapore recently criticized the hybrid regime of setting aside too little land for nature. Personally, i'm sick of seeing construction everywhere for condos & shopping malls.

Is sickening to get more people into shopping malls to shop & consume more resources just to pump the GDP.

#3 - Unemployment & underemployment
Is already a known fact that many sinkies are displaced by cheaper foreigners due to overly liberal infux to boost the GDP through more toilet paper sales. Even if not cheaper, locals are disadvantaged with reservist obligations & family needs compared to single foreigners.

#4 - Climate change
It is almost the same as extreme weather events. It ought to be substituted with Mismangement of population instead given that the hybrid regime's 7M population target to rectify its mismanagement.

#5 - Cyber attacks
Hybrid regime got a shock of its life last year in 2013 with hacks to its govt websites though S'pore is not the only country  being hit by cyber attacks.

Notice that:

  • Asset price collapse is among top 5 from 2007 to 2010. It vanished from 2011 onwards.
  • 'Green' issues are nowhere to be seen before 2011. It needs floods, floods & more floods (sound familiar in SG?) & hurricanes etc to wake up to the seriousness. 'Protests' from Mother Nature works.
  • Income disparity suddenly surfaced as #1 issue from 2012 onwards when it is nowhere in sight in the preceding years.

Issue of asset price collapse is gonna haunt Sillypore as it is apparent housing prices are way out of reach of the masses. The recent fire at Marina Bay Suites exposed the building to be a speculator haven with 90+% of units sold but less than 10% are occupied.

Prior to the fire, i noticed some unoccupied units at Reflections at Keppel Bay while cycling past. There's land on this tiny  island to sell to property speculators to fuel the bubble but no land for nature.

Protest to Make a Change
Why did income disparity suddenly pop up from 2012 onwards? I suspect the Arab Spring in Dec 2010 taking place in 3rd world nations are not enough since they don't have much clout. It is after the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in Sept 2011 in USA & then spread to other countries that income disparity became #1 on the agenda for discussion in 2012, 2013 & 2014.

Who say protest is useless in highlighting dangers if prior voices are regarded as noises by the 'deaf'?

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