Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mindset of Large Corporations & Elites by Al Gore

I was reading Al Gore's latest book 'The Future' & he made a few points about the mindset of the large corpserations & elites. Is frighteningly how similar they are to the mutated mindset of SG's hybrid regime. Is unfortunate he lost the presidential election to Bush Junior else America & the world would not be in the current mess in terms of financial crisis, overextended wars & environmental crisis.

Philosophy & agenda of the powerful corporations & elites by Al Gore (in brown):

Government is bad, cannot be trusted, should instead be feared & must be starved of resources so that it is capable of interfering as little as possible with the plans of corporations & the interests of elites.

Okay this point don't seem applicable to the hybrid regime in SG since state capitalism is practised to a large extent on this tiny island. State corporations controlled by elites unlike the powerful private sector in America.

Govt cannot be trusted? Yes the hybrid regime cannot be trusted.

Hardship is good for poor people because it's the only thing that will give them an incentive to become more productive; hardship also makes them more willing to accept lower wages & fewer benefits.

Absolutely absurd as the local elites are pampered with stratospheric salaries. Such incentives instead of making them more productive, the masses are made to suffer for their lapses.

This sickening philosophy that led to massive influx of cheaper foreign workers to kickstart hardship?

Rich people, on the other hand, should be taxed as little as possible in order to encourage them to make even more money - which is the only tried-and-true way to produce more growth in the economy, even if there is too little demand because consumers don't have enough money to buy more goods & services.

The hybrid regime is turning SG into a rich man's playground. However most are just here to park their wealth (another point mentioned below by Al Gore) & escape high taxation in their home countries.

On his point of consumers don't have enough $$ to buy more goods & services, i've already blogged about locals flocking to hawker centers instead of coffeeshops if there's a choice nearby. Not to mention, the closure of businesses & being replaced with $$ lending businesses. These are signs of a financially stretched society.

More inequality is a good thing, because it simultaneously inspires poor people to more ambition & rich people to more investing, even if the evidence shows that the highest income groups are primarily interested in wealth preservation when the economy is weak.

The 'old man' doesn't care about income inequality with the grow economy at all costs like cancer approach. The part about inspiration for poor people is flawed as already pointed out by a taiwanese commentator on a taiwan talkshow:

Points mentioned in 1:30 to 2:15.

  • A small proportion of middle class = weak in purchasing power (pointed out by Al Gore)
  • A small proportion of middle class = becoming unstable society/country

Point mentioned in 6:40 to 6:48

  • Low class cog worker in SG's govt controlled corpserations, no matter work how hard also condemned without paper cert. You call that inspiration?

Remember what the old man said:
"Over time, Singaporeans have become less hard-driving and hard-striving. If native Singaporeans are falling behind because the spurs are not stuck into the hide"-LKY 
Social engineering? Hybrid regime reducing the middle class to poor to create more income inequality as to have more ambition.

Create hardship through lower wages & benefits(exposed by Al Gore) - accomplished by massive influx by the regime together with a fake workers union.

The environment can take care of itself nicely, no matter how much pollution we dump into it. Anyone who believes otherwise is motivated by a barely concealed love for socialism & an abiding determination to thwart business.

Another sickening mentality which considers Earth as a subset of the economy- plunder as much as possible for riches. The correct philosophy is the economy is a subset of Earth. Without a sustainable environment, a sustainable economy would not exist.

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