Thursday, February 13, 2014

Singapore Elites Can't Compete With South Korean Elites

Excellent! Now i have the korean example to illustrate S'pore elites can't compete with South Korean elites. Japanese example is at: Singapore Elites Can't Compete With Japanese Elites. More reasons to vote out the grossly overpaid & pathetic performance hybrid regime in SG.

How did events unfold leading to this example blogpost? Let's recap:

Before Aug 2013
I watched R2B: Return to Base & learnt about S Korea's aerobatic team Black Eagles from the movie.

Aug 2013
I'm mightily impressed with the cinematography & the theme song so i shared the lyrics & invited you to karaoke along in R2B: Return to Base Theme Song; S Korea's 'Top Gun' Movie.

Oct 2013
I learnt about S Korea's impressive military display which has translator for deaf & shared its display along with the Black Eagles as a stark contrast to our rotting country so i blogged 1st World South Korea Vs Rotting Singapore.

Jan 2014
I learnt South Korea's Black Eagles are demonstrating at S'pore Airshow & Flag Color Pattern on Black Knights To Fool Sinkies Into Feeling Proud . There's isn't a need to resort to flag scheme for the koreans to feel proud which i'll elaborate a bit more later in the paragraphs below.

Feb 2014
I discovered a french fan like the South Korean Top Gun movie. He created the french translated lyrics on youtube. Even the french love the song.

5 mins

Today (thursday) is the only day at the Singapore Airshow where direct comparison between Black Knights(SG) vs Black Eagles(S Korea) is best made with the aerobatic demonstrations close to each other.

Vast bulk of aerial display during lunch time sunlight on opening day on tuesday. If is cloudless sky, the spectators are sure to get sunburnt on their face! Last time i watched my skin come off on my face after being scorched by the sun.

Black Eagles(S Korea) will eclipse Black Knights(SG) as they have already surpassed the American Thunderbirds & Blue Angels. That's how superb their aerobatic maneuvers are. 佩服得五体投地 (immense admiration). Watch video in Oct 2013 - 1st World South Korea Vs Rotting Singapore & you'll be convinced.

It is the first time that South Korea's Black Eagles are performing at the S'pore Airshow. Why? Of course to sell more of their jet trainers. Indonesia & Iraq had already bought the jet trainer. Philippines had ordered the light attack variant with delivery in late 2014.

This is how South Korea's govt create high paying jobs for her citizens:

  • 70% of development costs funded by govt. 30% by private sector (from wikipedia entry on T-50)
  • Full time aerobatic team for demonstration to potential customers.
  • Military(govt) & movie industry(private sector) work together to make R2B: Return to Base.

There's such a vast market outside their country to earn profits. Why did our hybrid regime do? Only know 7M population for a captive market to suck $$$. Isn't that pathetic? Not to mention their obscene salaries again.

What did our hybrid regime create? Not 1 but 2 casinos. Look at the 'outstanding' outcome:

  • Highly paid casino jobs compared to high-end manufacturing?
  • Most jobs go to locals?
  • Casino jobs got R&D support staff which is also high paying?
  • Casino jobs can easily scale for high productivity like in manufacturing?

You'll notice that Japan & South Korea govts race to the top via high end manufacturing. Why manufacturing instead of services heavy economy? Services Heavy Economy Is Hard for Productivity Gains Compared to Manufacturing which is why the obscenely paid scholar ministers of the hybrid regime are bankrupt of ideas so they rely on 2 casinos.

Given that land constraints on our tiny island making aircraft manufacturing very difficult, there are other areas of high-end manufacturing to pursue instead of gambling services & a shopping mall at the airport(Project Jewel).

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