Sunday, November 21, 2010

2nd-hand Badminton Racquet- Reducing expenses

I suck at badminton. Playing it as a form of exercise. Bought a 2nd hand racquet at around half price after my 1st Carbonex 8SP's string is broken. Other better yonex racquet was broken near the T-joint.

I've seen a player with around 4-5 racquets in his bag. Guess he buy & buy in attempt to find 1 that suits him. So much excess stuff. I've played with the 2nd hand racquet a few times as its owner was generous to let me use. Find it ok & definately better than the carbo8. Is a msian brand but brand doesn't matter much to me. All good brands have their start.

There's no way to hit a shuttle in the shop to see how the racquet handles so a 2nd hand racquet is fine with me after playing with it in real conditions.

Ever consider buying 2nd hand stuff to cut expenses & accelerate journey to financial independence?

Carbonex 8SP (String broken near centre):

2nd Hand Racquet (Fleet Brand)

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