Sunday, November 28, 2010

CapitaMalls Asia - i find it dangerous

Is been a year since CapitaMalls Asia went public at $2.12 . There is much hoopla during ipo. Shortly thereafter it rose to $2.65 before it decline. At this writing is $2.04

I find that the malls have little room to grow in terms of their retail space. Corridors filled with pushcarts. Other than jacking up rentals what other option is there? Personally i find rentals a killer in S'pore & is a turnoff whenever i wonder how many % of a product/service 's price am i paying for rent?

How is the company managing? Well this photo of construction of Jurong Entertainment Centre is a clue. Good quality metal panels erected for a construction site & high beam lights shining the metal plates at night. That's a lavish use of $ - a warning sign to an investor.

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