Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get Rich Quick Stock Seminars

Cottage industry of these stock/forex/option trading seminars have sprouted up since 2002. 1 option trader who proclaimed himself 'guru' has been sued by customers & closed down. All these seminars attract greedy people with claims of quick profits. I used to be a sucker too having lost a few thousand dollars.

Warren Buffett's Rule 1: Don't lose $. Rule 2: Don't forget #1. As simplistic as it is my experience agrees with what he say about concentrating on defense 1st. Mindset is totally different in terms of priority:

Veterans: 1) Don't Lose $, 2) Grow $, 3) Grow $ real quick
Suckers & amateurs: 1) Grow $ real quick, 2) Grow $, 3) Don't lose $

Many people in their foray to get rich quick end up getting poorer quick. Educational seminars are ok but these get rich quick seminars ought to be avoided.

Personally i find those who cannot control their spending impulses have a slim chance of being financially independent. Spending $ is easy but most spend to make themselves poorer.

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