Saturday, November 6, 2010

Clementi Hawker Centre Reopens

Is good to see the famous carrot cake & porridge stalls still there after months of refurbishment of the hawker centre. Both can be considered part of clementi heritage as many long-time residents can attest to.

I'm not in favor of government's increasing moves to privatise hawker centres & markets. Recent Kopitiam Square in Sengkang which has turned into a ghost town is a good example. Kopitiam bidded real high & charge exhorbitant rents which are then passed on to consumers. Who is dumb to pay high for commodities when many don't have enough retirement funds?
I find the hawkers operating their small businesses have a sense of pride of their culinary skills unlike those employed in food courts which are there mostly for paychecks. Already we see the food culture deteriorating as the old hawkers retire & their 'kungfu' lost since youngsters nowadays are reluctant to take over.

On tourism side, 2 europeans i know of prefer hawker centre than food court. Food court environment being too corporatised lacks appeal to these tourists.

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