Monday, October 31, 2011

S'pore Residents Definition

Titanic relics exhibition is being held here. Price at $20 is considered steep for me as when i first saw the price my brain immediately pull out the price i paid for the bicycle adventure trip to Kukup, Malaysia -RM90 inclusive of overnight stay at a homestay chalet, bbq dinner, breakfast, lunch & boat ride to Kelong(floating fish farm).

Again my brain tells me i have a better bang for the buck in terms of experience & memories despite paying lower compared to the price of the Titanic exhibition. A family with 2 teenagers will be paying $80 which to me is costly for most people in S'pore.

High pricing of the ticket is a matter but what intrigues me is the how come residents is used instead of citizens? Isn't it any wonder more & more citizens are disenfranchised with the incumbent govt? Instead of being treated as citizens people are merely treated as digits/cogs in the economic machine. Country or corporation?

The way residents instead of citizens price being used simply shows the worldview of the current incumbent govt. Notice how residents is thrown together from a myriad of sources.

It is also the way statistics are done by the incumbent govt by throwing everything together to paint a rosier picture to fool the ignorant instead of disclosing the real figures for each category like citizens, PR, work permits etc.

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