Sunday, December 11, 2011

$1 Bobo Hitam(Black Rice) Dessert

Eyes are tired from prolonged looking at books & lcd screen. How to relax eye muscles? Decided to go for a short leisure ride for dessert to Tanglin Halt Hawker Ctr after dinner. Eye muscles are relaxed while looking far during riding.Value for $$ stuff while supporting local hawkers. Is an outlet for release for my pent-up pressure as i tend to hold back on many purchases in S'pore due to high rental component in the prices of stuff.

Looks like is the end of the road for this old sony digital camera with that blurred picture. Snap button not responsive which i got it repaired 5 years ago is back again. Doubt i'll repair again. With advances in technology is better to get a better replacement. I don't mind generic brands this time round. Branded product may not neccessary be good. It may be a lie we tell ourselves.

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