Friday, December 30, 2011

3 Life Simplifying Adjustments in 2011 That Saves Me $$

As 2011 draws to a close what new adjustments have i made with regard to simpifying my life without spending much $$? I can safely say the following 3 adjustments:

Cutting my hair in JB
At RM10 a cut & the default cut is shorter than what i get in S'pore. What's more there a brief massage. Awesome value for $$ which cannot be found in S'pore. A day trip to JB is an outlet to destress, slow down & spend on some of the stuff i've been holding back in rent high S'pore.

Not buying a single book
Is more primarily space constraints due to my already burgeoning library at home. This year i just borrow from library. If is a good book i read it a 2nd time before returning it. Still a $$ saver.

Not watching a single program on tv
No point watching a 1hr show where around 15mins of it are commercials. That's like spending 25% of the time(what a waste) being programmed by advertisers enticing me to buy this buy that.

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