Friday, December 16, 2011

Sucky Giveaways of Safe Cycling Jerseys -OCBC Marketing Sucks

I'm not a fan of short sleeve jerseys after being tanned rather bad from the 2 Msian rides. This free jersey giveaway piqued my interest. I surfed for more details & read about complaints for the petrol kiosks giveaways. It struck me as real dumb by the organisers as i read the complaints.

- Only 5 jerseys to giveaway. People don't know is so pathetic.
- 2 girls are stationed at the gas station for 3hrs but the jerseys are gone in <10mins

Complaints are not addressed. Instead people are told to go collect the free jerseys on a Sat morning at a central location whereby 1000 jerseys are to be given out.

What economic sense is there to hire & deploy 2 gals for 3hrs when the stuff is gone in <10mins? How to accomodate people's sizes when only 5 jerseys are given out? If extra different sizes are brought along to fit the person doesn't it make sense to give them away as well since the folks have already make the effort to go down collect?

The withholding of more details of the giveaways as well as sizing chart for the jerseys has marred the event. Simple common sense info & yet are not given out. What's so difficult in giving out these basic details?

This is how a bank like OCBC does their marketing to promote safe cycling...

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