Saturday, December 31, 2011

Decay in Morals as More People Mutated into Consumers

Govt urge parents to pay more attention to children's moral education. This is perhaps the last message from a top govt leader in 2011. Many people have mutated from citizens to consumers. What difference between citizen & consumer?

Govt is also partly to blame with its mentality of grow gdp at all costs like cancer. Shopping malls sprout up like weeds across this tiny island & overconsumption is a result of it. People see so much in malls so they tend to buy more inclusive of impulse buying. How many people actually go to a mall with a specific product in mind?

Market-created values of selfishness, instant gratification, perpetual discontentment & constant consumption have become diametrically opposed to the values most adults want to teach their children.

Greed & materialism have infected many young people carrying these ill habits into adulthood. These kids don't feel like their lives would be worth anything unless they have the hottest product that's being sold in the marketplace.

Habits of thrift & frugality is becoming rare as the mutation goes on.

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