Sunday, July 1, 2012

28km Night Exploration Ride to Deserted Portsdown Road Area

Blue bridge & secret path is what grab my curiosity. Went for a 28km leisure night ride to explore with the group. Need to add some adventure besides always riding the usual boring routes. Haven't join them for 2.5 months.

There's a patch of gravel path in route description. Anyway i still went for it. Upon mapping my ride i realise the gravel path is where the railway track(dismantled) is behind Alexandra Hospital. I push my bike with slick tires while the rest on MTBs just roll ahead.

It was my first ride at night at Portsdown road area - very quiet place. There's a bridge lighted with blue lights (also a ramp) at Mei Chin area. I'm not sure of exact location. My sense of location ain't good at night at unfamiliar areas.

While other cycling groups ride on main roads primarily for training, this leisure group's strength is in widening one's horizon to shortcuts & other lesser known places i'm not aware of. Downside is their pitstops breaks are long like smoking 3 cigarettes which put off some riders though this ride is an improvement- a 4-5min break at end of blue bridge/ramp with no eating in between.

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