Sunday, July 29, 2012

Not Flying Flag Again. More & More Sinkies Are Doing So

Is coming close to 10 days before S'pore National Day. Look around & marvel how many sinkies fly the flag......

It wasn't like this during my childhood days. Back then we don't need to be "encouraged" nor motivated to fly the flag. Now the mutated hybrid regime is wasting taxpayers $$ for website & printing leaflets & offering prizes to 'encourage' citizens to fly the flag. Situation has deteriorated to such a state......

Those few residential blocks with plenty of flags are blatantly obvious the grassroots govt machinery hang it for the residents.

More & more sinkies just treat the day as a normal weekend. What is there to celebrate? Instead of a nation, S'pore is like a corporation to milk profits out of the people. If local people aka consumers are not enough, the present hybrid regime has resorted to flooding in more foreign "consumers" to boost sales & consumption aka GDP at all costs like cancer to the detriment of social fabric, infrastructure capacity & culture etc.

Do consumers celebrate national day?

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